BreathWork to renew yourself!


Because balanced breathing reduces the effects of stress, insomnia, depression, concentration difficulties and emotional blockages.  A person whose body is properly oxygenated works more efficiently, is more optimistic, manages their emotions and has more appetite for life. They are more aware of themselves and their behaviors, and know how to make the right choices at the right time.

 Our breathing is automatic, and most of the time unconscious. Regaining control of our breathing means regaining control of our body, our emotions, our life. As you begin to breathe with awareness, get ready, your whole life will change and you may become the dreamed version of yourself!

Really? Yes, we have our own "breathing signature": usually breathing out too short, breathing in through the mouth, blocked diaphragm, or shallow breathing... all these patterns are a sign of discomfort, stress, blockages, limitations or restrictions we impose on ourselves. We have power over this. 
When we begin to let go on the exhale, we let go of so much more!


How do we do it? By learning how to breathe in a way that is healthy and beneficial to our body.
Does it take time? Not really. All it takes is awareness and the joy of acting for our greater good, and the greater good of all. 

You will learn that breathing through the nose is beneficial for the immune system, that breathing out longer than breathing in acts on the parasympathetic nervous system, the seat of relaxation and calm, that rhythmic breathing brings coherence to the entire metabolism, that carbon monoxide is necessary for our internal balance, that too much oxygen is bad for the body and the brain, and much more!

Isn't it time to move on and create a better You? 


Complimentary session is offered once a week, each Saturday morning. Feel free to join in and learn the basics of BreathWork. Let yourself be carried away by new sensations that could well change your life.


Online 3 or 5 hours workshops dedicated to "Winter Solstice", "the Inner Child", "Couples Rediscovery" or "Giving & Receiving vs Receiving & Giving" to name but a few! A little food for thoughts, a kick in the stuck emotions and a brand new way of showing up in your life! 

Transformational Breathwork

What if your breath was the sesame to a New You ? Circular breathing connects the physical, mental and emotional bodies, brings back coherence within these bodies and allows the release of the old blockages and limitations. Thousands of people report an unbelievable transformational experience. What if it was you?